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About Us

From an early age we learn that nothing in life is free. Indeed, if someone does offer a free product or service, we tend to regard them with suspicion. It could be a scam. We even regard free gifts as second rate or inferior because of the very fact they’re free.

But “free” doesn’t always mean cheap. Nor does it always mean a scam or con. There are a few business models which afford to give away free quality merchandise for nothing, and is one of them!

For example, it is often cheaper for a business to offload product than to keep it. Keeping product that doesn’t move only incurs more costs. Think about warehouse fees, insurance, clerk and security guard wages, equipment and maintenance expenses, and of course, dreaded inventory taxes.

Stock on shelves and in the warehouse that doesn’t sell becomes overstock and therefore a liability by default. We exist to unload the burden of overstock and thereby prevent compounding losses.

For a reasonable fee, will arrange to offload a company’s overstock if we determine that we can give it away for free over the internet. If so, after due payment from said company we will either pick up the overstock or arrange to have it delivered. From there, it will cease to be a liability to said company. If cannot give away all or part of the merchandise for free after six months, we will attempt to donate it to a suitable charity or dispose of it as we see fit. But in the vast majority of cases, we don’t have enough overstock to get rid of. Our visitors gobble up practically anything we give away for free.

With everybody wins!